Smart systems record and store data. Our asset protection measures allow you to customize access to & within areas of your facility and enhance your loss prevention and contact tracing capabilities. Our real-time alerts will send push notifications to facility personnel to make real-time assessments.

Multiband Global Total Security

Multiband Global has an extensive selection of flexible solutions to ensure security without hampering the smooth operation of your facility. Our offerings are tailor-made for each customer and provide the peace of mind you need. These customized solutions include:

  • Access Control: wide variety of physical access control systems including card, mobile, and biometric.
  • Video Surveillance & CCTV: interior and exterior video camera solutions available.
  • Intrusion Detection & Monitoring: alarm signaling to detect intrusion into secure spaces and controlled areas.
  • Cloud Based Solutions: deployment options available for multi-site customers or those needing anytime/anywhere access to their data.

Secure Your Business, Secure Your Future

Prevent the Unexpected with Multiband Global Electronic Security

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