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We offer a wide variety of ITAD and electronics recycling services, both onsite or offsite, to help you safely with the disposition of your tech infrastructure. In alignment with your own policies and values, we will optimize your IT lifecycle.

The stakes are high and the benefits are clear.

Multiband Global helps your business realize a return on valuable IT Assets, while protecting you from potentially catastrophic liabilities associated with improper data destruction and leaks. Our e-waste recycling is fully EPA compliant, simultaneously protecting your business and the planet.

eWaste Recycling

Multiband Global meets the standards of regulatory requirements including:


We employ “live time” tracking software, which provides an extra layer of security during the asset disposition and data destruction process. By tracking your assets in real time, Multiband Global helps clients avoid exposure and meet their responsibilities as corporate entities.

Explore Our ITAD Recycling and E-Waste Services

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ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)

Regardless of your sector, whether business, education, government or healthcare, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is an essential part of your planning. Multiband Global will work with you to ensure old equipment and data is removed responsibly.

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Recycling and Upcycling Electronic Waste

Instead of just throwing your IT equipment in the trash, we provide options for recycling or upcycling your electronic waste. This extends the lifecycle of your assets, enables you to save or earn money and reduces your environmental impact.

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