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The ASPire line of products work with other loT technologies such as traffic monitoring systems, digital signs, security cameras, EV charging stations, and more.

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MBG Helios System

All networks need a back-up power source to operate. Multiband global’s Helios System uses cutting-edge technology to optimize your tower in 4G and 5G applications, so you can have reliable service while saving money on energy costs.

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WiFi and ERRC Image

WiFi and ERRC

Antenna-based wireless systems, such as Wifi or Emergency Radio Responder Coverage, are both a business must and a business differentiator. <br> Multiband Global can ensure the correct infrastructure is in place and the systems are functioning. From antennas to the headends, from installation to repair, Multiband Global will handle all the technicalities no matter whether the building is small or large, rural or urban.

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Amply5 Cellular Technology Image

Amply5 Cellular Technology

5G needs more infrastructure to carry its signal indoors, and smart phones and IoT technology require more bandwidth. MBG Amply-5 provides private networks with the upgraded tech infrastructure to meet demand and run optimally.

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Full Service 5G

5G is opening doors to new business opportunities—be at the forefront of innovation<br>Whether you are in a distant rural area or an urban center with 5G availability, Multiband Global can design, deploy and maintain a 5G network for your business.

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