Multiband Global, a leading IT and network lifecycle company, today announced the appointment of Josef Faig to the newly created position of Senior Vice President of Product Development at AMR Resources, LLC d/b/a Multiband Global. AMRR was assigned Mr. Faig’s one-third ownership interest of a patent that he and his colleagues were awarded for cellular radio shroud technology.

Mr. Faig brings over 25 year’s telecom industry experience to Multiband Global, including seventeen years at an international engineering firm where he managed wireless development projects in countries on several continents. Having managed multiple greenfield 4G deployments, Joe anticipated the future needs of the wireless industry and began to develop products the wireless carriers needed to “densify” their networks through “small cells.” In 2015, Joe began to develop a support system to refine the deployment of small cell technology by making it more easily adaptable to the changing industry needs. In 2017, he co-founded QUBE-MRS, LLC, a custom supplier of telecom equipment vital to deploying 5G networks with an emphasis on developing products addressing specific safety, pole attachment, and electromagnetic pulse protection solutions.

In 2019 Mr. Faig, along with his colleagues at the time, was issued a patent for cellular radio shroud technology. Mr. Faig’s portion of the patent has now been assigned to AMRR, enhancing the company’s ability to provide 5G and 4G small cell solutions in urban areas. The resulting product can also serve as a charger for electric vehicles (EV), multi-carrier cell service, and public safety equipment.

James Frinzi, Chairman and CEO of AMRR, commented, “Joe Faig is very respected in the wireless field, and we’re excited to welcome him to Multiband Global. Joe was a co-founder of QUBE-MRS, LLC which designed and deployed the first smart pole to carry all four major cell carriers on a small pole, an important development for the industry. Earlier in his career, he was part of the Brightsource energy team that found a solution to convert solar into steam for Chevron, a process used to help revive dry wells. His team’s patent for cellular radio shroud technology will support our service offerings. We’re proud to have this inventor as part of our team in the significant role of head of product development, and we look forward to his contributions.”

Mr. Faig added, “I look forward to joining Multiband Global, where I can bring my knowledge and expertise to the large-scale telecommunications systems they specialize in. As head of product development, I already have several ideas that I believe will be valuable additions to their service offerings.”