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Product Remarketing

If your equipment is still functional it can be put back on the market as refurbished products without trace of your prior use.

Circular Materials Reuse

Materials that are still functional can be separated from the equipment and used to replace virgin materials, all with complete value chain visibility.

Refining, Repurposing and Metal Reclaim

Using magnetics separation and triage by eddy current, part of our process reclaims and refines metals from waste streams. The recovery of these materials are ever more important in the electric and technological world.

  • Our team outshines the industry in quantifying program results (both economic and environmental) that win executive support
  • Our system translates supply chain data into insights that align functional departments to sustainability initiatives
  • Leveraging top-down championship and bottoms-up modeling, we arm leaders to drive innovation in:
    • Efficient reverse logistics
    • Data driven lifecycle management
    • Responsible disposition
eWaste decomissioning
Donation Enablement

Donation Enablement

For some organizations, it’s more strategic to donate your electronic waste. Multiband Global has donation programs available, and we handle the process for you in a simplified, transparent way.

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