It’s hard to imagine a business without WiFi. But even if you have WiFi, it might be spotty, slow, or unreliable. And if you want your business to excel, you’ll need functional, fast and consistent connections.

Multiband Global can work with your needs to deliver an exceptional WiFi network system, one that’s adaptable as your needs change over time.


Emergency Radio Responder Coverage (ERRC)

ERRC is a legal requirement that lets first responders use their radios.

From both a compliance and safety perspective, ERRC is an essential component of your operational needs. You’ll want radio coverage for all parts of your building–it can make all the difference during emergency scenarios and a requirement of ICC fire codes.

Multiband Global can work with your team and local public safety departments to design, install and maintain an ERRC system.


Areas of Expertise:

Wifi Deployment

Experience quick, professional service and setup

Heat Maps

Determine which access points provide the best connection

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Pick up and deploy wavelengths in large buildings