Increase Cellular Coverage

Are you looking to increase your in-building cellular coverage and capacity for all wireless carriers?

MBG offers a neutral host DAS solution that includes installation, operation, and maintenance of the DAS, thereby improving wireless connectivity and coverage at your property.

Our solution converts the multiple operator RF signals in building, and with MBG high-end fiber converters and Bi-directional Amplifiers (BDA), your DAS will evenly distribute a stronger signal—simultaneously boosting and strengthening the wireless coverage and connectivity throughout your structure.

Increased Celluar Coverage
Increased Celluar Coverage

What are the Benefits of a Neutral Host DAS?

Indoor and outdoor neutral host distributed antenna solutions provide an array of benefits to any property from office buildings, student housing, stadiums, arenas, and really anywhere that telecom network access is essential.

Distributed Antenna Systems are becoming an increasingly important feature as technology continues to advance and more and more users are looking to share, stream, and download. Users will have access to better coverage and connectivity. The MBG Neutral Host DAS will work with any major carrier.

Why Choose A Neutral Host Provider?

As a result of using the MBG Neutral Host DAS, your tenants, visitors, and customers will experience a superior level of network access. Who doesn't like a fast mobile connection?

More and more, mobile network reliability is expected, in the same way people expect electrical reliability.

With MBG neutral host DAS, you will be proactively preparing your property for the future. Our infrastructure delivers cutting-edge DAS architecture and technology at little to no extra cost to your property operating budget, while also boosting signal strengths and increasing network capacity for voice and data users alike.

Increased Celluar Coverage

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