MBG Helios Back-Up

The MBG Helios Back-Up provides high efficiency and naturally cooling rectifiers and batteries to power your 4G or 5G Network.

LED lights on both the MBG Rectifier and the MBG Battery allow for easy status checks, and with RS485 communication, you can monitor and control both remotely from your operation center.

High Efficiency / Wide Temperature range / Quick install / RS485 communication / Minimal Footprint

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MBG 3kW Rectifier

  • High Efficiency, 95%
  • 3,000W, up to 6,000W (2 connect parallel)
  • Single phase AC, wide voltage range support 75-300VAC
  • 1500W @ 95V AC
  • Wide temperature range, -40℃~ 55℃

MBG 50 Ah Battery

  • Li-Phosphate Battery
  • -48V/50AH, Maximum 400AH (8 battery connect parallel)
  • Output relay for battery alarm
  • Over-current and over-charge protection
  • Wide temperature range, -40℃~ 50 ℃

MBG Helios Power

MBG’s Helios Power is a highly-efficient supply system that minimizes fuel usage and total cost of ownership, by installing self-sustained, solar technology to your network–taking it off the power grid when necessary. It’s an ideal solution for rural areas, high security situations or environmentally conscious clients.

MBG Helios Power features Lithium-Ion batteries, which demand less space and have significantly longer life cycles than conventional lead-acid batteries. Solar panels generate the energy required to fuel the batteries, a great alternative to diesel generators which are both cumbersome and fossil fuel dependent.

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