MBG ASPire Enhances Outdoor Connectivity

The MBG ASPire is our Adaptive Smart Pole product that enhances your network by strengthening your signal outdoors. Our easily upgradeable and endlessly configurable system works with any 4G or 5G provider and is designed to reduce future costs as technology advances.

As 5G advances and the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, the necessity for new tech infrastructure is paramount. MBG ASPire meets that need and prepares you for the future.

  • Services All 4G & 5G Carriers
  • Increased Speeds & Connectivity
  • Smart City Planning & Implementation
ASPire Multiband outdoor signal
ASPire Multiband outdoor signal

MBG ASPire Fits Any Aesthetic

MBG ASPire retains the charm of our streets that make people feel at home, while connecting them to the technologies of the future. Aesthetics are gained with no functionality lost. To keep the streets cohesive, MBG ASPire poles can be fitted with decorative bases to match any existing structures nearby.

  • Sleek & Compact Design
  • Interchangeable base & Shrouding
  • Customizable Light Fixtures & Signs