How Does 5G Work?

5G provides internet access through cell tower radio frequencies, but it’s a different frequency than traditional 3G and 4G, in turn providing much faster download speeds.

5G does require an important network design of access points throughout your building to ensure functionality.

Multiband Global is an industry leader in the installation, commissioning of 5G networks and all the components that go with it.

Full Service 5g

The Steps


Assessing the needs of your area and building, we will propose a plan to create an optimal 5G network.


Whether constructing cell towers and installing antennas, MBG will build, install and commission your network, ensuring the right infrastructure is in place and fully functional.


Our expert team of engineers and technicians will make sure your 5G network is maintained, with the ability to expand according to your needs and upgrade along with technological enhancements.

Improving 5G Access Indoors

While 5G has increased outputs and faster speeds, it requires more infrastructure to carry its signal, particularly indoors.

Multiband Global provides a 5G Distributed Antenna Solution (DAS) to solve this problem.

With our 5G DAS, we design, install and maintain indoor assets – such as headends, cabling and antennas – that improve and distribute your 5G coverage within your building.

Self Sustained 5g